The Capital Bridge is a 156-block-long suspension bridge spanning the Eastern Strait. The structure links Island City in the United Island to the uninhabited Gibraltar region on the Mainland. At 156 blocks in length, it is the longest bridge in the world and the only bridge that connects the United Island to the Mainland. The bridge carries two lanes of Continental Boulevard—one for horses and one pedestrian.

The Capital Bridge was designed and constructed by MayorSamuel. Construction began on March 15, 2017 and was completed 25 days later, on April 9. The bridge opened to traffic that same day.


The idea of a bridge connecting the United Island to the Mainland goes back to before the country was founded, but was practically infeasible until fairly recently. Island City was founded on the Eastern Strait near the closest point between the two continents in the hopes of the eventual construction of a transcontinental bridge. Designs were proposed and dismissed multiple times over the months as development of Island City continued. On March 15, 2017, construction finally began on the suspension bridge. Over the next 25 days, MayorSamuel employed dozens of stacks of iron, stone, and hardened clay to complete the structure. The Capital Bridge was opened to traffic on April 9, 2017.



View of the Capital Bridge at dusk.

The Capital Bridge is supported by twin 44-block-tall towers. Cables hang from these towers to support the entire 156-block span. The deck itself is eight blocks wide, including a three-block-wide horse lane and a two-block-wide sidewalk for pedestrians separated by a stone median and streetlights. Both sides of the deck are partitioned by a two-block-tall iron fence.

Updated April 9, 2017

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