The first page of the Citizenship Act.

The Citizenship Act is a seven-page executive order signed into law by President MayorSamuel on February 5, 2017. The order defines what it means to be a citizen of the United Island, and outlines the rights of citizens and non-citizens alike. It was written in response to the secession of Staufenberg the day before, which was confirmed by Proposition XXIII.

Essentially, the Citizenship Act affirms that citizens of the United Island are subject and entitled to the rules and rights outlined in the United Island Book of Law, while non-citizens are not granted those rights. It also denies non-citizens the right to "build, conduct business, collect resources, or change anything" within the United Island, and requires them to hold a government-issued travel visa if they wish to travel within the country.


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Office of the President

February 5, 2017


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The government of the United Island will defend and protect each and every citizen, within and without our borders. Those are the players who have lived peacefully in our great nation, settling towns, growing companies,

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structures, and most of all, preserving our laws and way of life. They are granted rights guaranteed by Congress and the Book of Laws.

It is when one goes against these things which make our country great that they no longer accept the rights of

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land. They have made a conscious decision to reject our way of life, and therefore are considered non-citizens. Any individual which is not a citizen of the United Island will not be guaranteed the rights outlined in the Book of Laws, nor shall they claim

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the right to build, conduct business, collect resources, or change anything within our borders. Only non-citizens with a valid-government-issued travel visa will have the privilege to pass through our land. Non-citizens may, if they wish, apply for

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complete citizenship-- but let me be clear, it is a long and meticulous process designed to protect our citizens and our way of life. The purpose of this country is to protect the people, their creations, and our values. Traitors have no place here.

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President MayorSamuel


Updated February 18, 2017