Havana is a town situated on Sugarcane Bay on a peninsula in the eastern Jungle Province of the United Island. Havana is known for its sugarcane production, earning it the title "The Sugarcane Capital."

The architecture of Havana was originally modeled after NPC villages in a style known as Neo-NPC. The buildings were also influenced by spanish colonial architecture, due to abundant sources of jungle wood nearby.


Havana was first settled on December 30, 2016 by backpack5689. He and MayorSamuel completed the town on that same day. The settlers introduced sugarcane to the peninsula, which quickly spread along the shore. Bailism also came to the region when the Church of the Heavenly Mitts was constructed.

The town is fairly isolated from the rest of the country. Havana could only be accessed by boat until very recently, when the 600-block-long Sugarcane Highway providing road access to Balaam City was constructed. The closest city, Sýnoros, was established on January 19 about 250 blocks across the bay from Havana.

Updated February 28, 2017

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