Horseland is a small village in the central Eastern Plains in the Eastern Province of the United Island. The village is located about 150 blocks east of Eden, 150 blocks north of Slothville, and 250 blocks west of Island City. The Transcontinental Railroad also runs through the town, placing it at a highly-travelled crossroads. Horseland is known for its stables and horses.

Horseland is the provincial capital of the Eastern Province.


Horseland was founded on December 21, 2016 by MayorSamuel. The location along the Transcontinental Railroad (then under construction) was chosen as roughly halfway between Eden and the planned site of the future capital on the coast. The Horseland train station was the first building constructed in the village. This was followed by many small houses, most quite simple in design. The Bailist Church of the Anointment and the Horseland stables were also completed. Development of Horseland slowed at this point.

On January 2, 2017, Balaam the donkey was killed in Horseland. This incident would spark controversy across the country, eventually leading to Congress passing Proposition XX—"Balaam's Law."



Horseland lies on the highway connecting Eden to Island City, making it a highly-travelled route. Another road runs south of the village to Slothville on the coast.


Horseland was founded on the Transcontinental Railroad, and is serviced by a small train station. This provides rail access to Island City, Eden, and the Interior and Jungle Provinces in the west.


A short branch of the Euphrates River Delta system runs just south of Horseland. The waterway is navigable by boats, providing access to the ocean and other inland waterways. Horseland is serviced by a small dock on the riverbank.

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