Island City is the capital of the United Island, and the largest city in the world. Located on the country's east coast, the city's municipal borders are collinear with the boundaries of the Federal District. Construction of Island City began on December 22, 2016 when MayorSamuel began flattening out a large beach on the east coast, and construction continues to this day. Much of the land area remains undeveloped. It became the capital of the United Island on December 28, when the United Island Government Center was completed. Architectural design in Island City has been heavily influenced by modern and futurist movements. Some buildings, such as the Government Center, exhibit a more brutalist design.

Even during construction, Island City contains many finished landmark buildings, including The Element (MayorSamuel's presidential mansion), Church on the Sand, and National Square Station. Many residential and commercial skyscrapers are currently under construction in the city center. Future projects such as hotels, a university, industrial parks, and a zoo are in the planning stage.

Updated February 28, 2017

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