kit_kat_27 (known as Abby) is a citizen of the United Island. She was the only female player on the server until January 29, 2017, when Nyler first joined. kit_kat_27 first logged on to the server on December 17, 2016. She serves as the Female Relations Representative in Congress, of which she was one of the four founding members. She was promoted to Secretary of Peace and International Affairs on February 5, 2017 following the secession of Staufenberg. She currently resides in her small house in Eden, and in her larger house on the southern coast of the Delta Province near Big River. kit_kat_27 was anointed by MayorSamuel into the New Church of Bailey on December 19, at Eden Church of the Revelation. Her older brother is backpack5689.

Notable BuildsEdit

  • kit_kat_27's Beach House

Updated February 18, 2017