North Eden is an incorporated area directly across the Euphrates River from Eden, in the Eastern Province of the United Island. The area is often mistaken as Eden proper, but since the Eastern-Forest Province boundary runs along the Euphrates River/Canal, it has never been within the Eden city limits. Two bridges span the river, connecting North Eden to its southern neighbor.


Development of the area now known as North Eden began fairly early in regional history. The first sign of settlement was a small farm across the river from the city core of Eden. Following the construction of the first bridge, this farm provided a majority of food for the region.

North Eden was primarily settled by Malachi_Brown, due to its lack of building codes and zoning laws. Malachi Tower and the Eden Library were both constructed by Malachi_Brown, and they dominate the skyline to this day.

North Eden is also notable as the meeting place of the First Continental Congress. On December 19, 2016, Congress was convened in Malachi Tower in the area that would later be incorporated as North Eden. This Congress introduced the first thirteen propositions, eleven of which were passed as law. Ten of these propositions remain United Island law, as Proposition VII was repealed on December 29. Proposition II established Eden as temporary capital of the United Island until a more proper capital could be constructed.

Updated February 28, 2017

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