Sýnoros (/'sɪnəroʊs/) is a small city on the northwest coast of the Forest Province of the United Island, on Sugarcane Bay. It is located approximately 200 blocks across the bay from Havana and 650 blocks northwest of Eden. It was founded by MayorSamuel on January 19, 2017, and construction was completed one week later. Sýnoros is famous for its Mediterranean-inspired architecture. The name "Sýnoros" is derived from the Greek sýnoro, which means "frontier."


On January 19, 2017, MayorSamuel founded Sýnoros on the northern coast of the Forest Province between two hills along the beach. The location was chosen with the intention of creating an ancient Mediterranean-inspired city. Construction of Sýnoros was largely a one-man project; MayorSamuel used excess sand from the construction of Island City to build most of the structures. The seventh Bailist church, the Church of the Covenant, was the first building completed in the city. This was followed by many multiple-story residential units, a public bath, a fish market, a belltower, Sýnoros Primary School, Sýnoros Marina, and Sýnoros Amphitheater. The amphitheater was created inside a natural crater on the hill east of town. The city was declared complete on January 26, 2017.


The defining feature of the city of Sýnoros is its Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Jungle wood and acacia wood were used to build most of the vaulted rooftops, painting the skyline with shades of red and vibrant orange. Nearly all of the buildings are based on variations of sandstone, some accented with shades of yellow and dull pink. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Sýnorosian architecture are the arches lined along the base and near the entrance of most buildings.




Sýnoros is serviced by two main highways which were both constructed shortly after the city was established. One runs south to Staufenberg via Balaam City. The other runs 650 blocks southeast through the Forest of Eden to the city of Eden.

Updated February 28, 2017