S1CS v. MayorSamuel was a court case judged by Malachi_Brown on February 3, 2017, regarding an incident that occurred that same day. S1CS sued MayorSamuel for theft, murder, and griefing, and MayorSamuel countersued for the exact same charges. The court sided with neither party, and ruled that no further punishment was to be administered. The case was arguably one of the causes of the secession of Staufenberg.


On February 3, 2017, S1CS and MayorSamuel were reportedly playing tag in the Eastern Province. Tensions were already high between the two due MayorSamuel's accusations that S1CS had illegally spawned in cobwebs. MayorSamuel broke a piece of rail on the Transcontinental Railway (which he built) in order to obstruct S1CS's pursuit. S1CS did the same. When the game was over, MayorSamuel claims that S1CS refused to return the rails to rebuild the track. MayorSamuel threatened to kill him unless he returned the rails. MayorSamuel claims that he gave S1CS three chances, but S1CS claims this never happened. After S1CS again refused to comply, MayorSamuel then killed S1CS with 'keepInventory' off and collected the rails. All of S1CS's inventory was returned to him, but his 29 experience levels were lost.




Opinion of the CourtEdit

When the issue was brought to court, Judge Malachi_Brown ruled that both parties were guilty, and declined to punish either party because they had already punished each other.

Updated February 10, 2017

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