The Element is a modern house designed and constructed by MayorSamuel in Island City. The house was built on a short hill overlooking the city. It was completed by January 6, 2017, and remains MayorSamuel's primary place of residence. Previous names for the house included "Osmosis," "Oxygen," and "The Neuron."


MayorSamuel himself has described The Element as "a masterpiece." No expense was spared on construction materials. The house was designed by MayorSamuel to capture the essence of modernity; the exterior of the structure is accented by pure quartz and calming tones of stone. The interior features spacious ceilings, abstract art displays, and state-of-the-art luxuries. The house has three floors in total: the basement is composed of a large storage and furnace room, the enchanting room, and a two-horse garage. The second and ground floor has a large living space, the kitchen, and the dining room. Upstairs features a luxury bathroom, balcony, master bedroom, and an open-air eco-friendly potato garden. The property is nestled in a lush tropical garden.

Updated February 11, 2017